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Thinking of starting photography? Here's what you'll need!

I feel like I'm writing this post for myself from 1 year ago...

It can be daunting when you are thinking of starting any new hobby and photography is no exception. You need to choose a camera, learn the basics, decide on a camera bag etc, so I thought I'd try to offer some quick advice.

The first thing you need is a camera right? Well yes and no, let me explain what I mean.

We all technically carry a camera with us everyday in the form of a phone and with newer phones being equipped with great cameras and the ability to shoot RAW, it's never been easier to get into photography.

There will be people out there though that don't want to shoot with their phone, myself included, so this next section is for you.

When you're starting out my advice would be to get a 2nd hand camera, not blow all your budget on it and don't worry too much about full frame v APS-C sensors. There are benefits to both types of sensors and unless you're planning to get into night time or astral photography exclusively, APS-C will be fine.

Look for something that comes with a kit lens with some versatility, like a 16-50mm or a 24-70mm. This will allow you to get a wide landscape shot and get in closer for some portrait work too. I'd also try to find a camera with at least 20-24 megapixels. Its not super important but when cropping any photos you'll notice the difference between a higher and lower megapixel camera.

Now you don't need to chose a camera with interchangeable lenses, you might simple want a bridge camera, a compact or a super zoom camera and that's fine too! Especially if you're looking to Vlog or just have a camera you can travel with easily. If this is the case, look for a camera with good optical, not digital, zoom that also has a wide aperture lens like f2.

I mentioned before about not blowing all your budget on a camera, I made this mistake and it left me with no budget for lenses etc.

Once you've chosen a camera I would suggest getting the below items next:

  • Camera bag, this doesn't need to be huge, just something to store your camera and a few accessories safely.

  • Tripod. You don't need anything fancy but for long exposure shots and timelapses, you'll need one.

  • A neck or wrist strap. I use a wrist strap, it means your camera is always attached to you. Less chance of dropping your new purchase!

  • Spare batteries. This one is pretty self explanatory, always useful to have.

All that's really left now is go out and take photos!

I'm sure I've missed something and I'd love to hear your advice on what to buy too, so drop a message in the comments and and give your starting/buying advice to any future photographers reading this!

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