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Behind The Lens: Stephen Cubitt

Name: Stephen Cubitt

Age: 31

Location: Kent

Insta: stephen_j_c_photography

Camera/s: Currently Nikon D5600 soon to be Sony A7RV

Main photography style/s: Most of what I photograph is wildlife, Landscapes & Cityscapes with the added bit of at home product photography. A lot of what I photograph is what I feel like at the time.

When did you first get into photography and what was your first camera?

I first got into photography back in 2009 when I was at college, playing around with friends camera and received a Nikon D3100 for Christmas present when I was at university and I took it out on trips. Have only started getting into it more seriously over the last five years moving up to a Nikon D5600 which is my current camera.

What's your dream camera and location to shoot?

My dream camera would be a Sony A1 or the A7RV, the A1 for its speed and sensor size and it is an overall powerhouse of a camera. I am how ever getting an A7RV in the next few months with a variety of lenses to accompany it. My dream locations would be Banff national park in Canada, or going through Yellowstone National park in the us, as it has the landscape and the wildlife to capture my interest constantly.

What are you looking for when you go out to shoot?

When I'm out shooting wildlife I'm looking for vibrant colours or animals doing in action or even a great animal portrait that shows of the details of the animal, whether it be its fur or feathers, or the details in the eyes. With landscapes and cityscapes its a lot of about reflections and symmetry, leading lines that can draw you into the subject or the min focus of the shot. A lot of the time its what I find interesting in the moment and what I can shoot at the time.

Favourite shot and why?

One of my favourite shots is that of pebbles at Broadstairs beach, it’s a simple shot but to me it was pleasing, being able to blur out the background and focus n the stones with the waves washing over the beach. That being said its hard to pick as my mind changes n the subject daily, easier to pick top ten than just one.

Photography career goals?

My main goal at the moment is to build up a portfolio of my favourite pieces of work as well as a selection of what shows of my skill, be it in wildlife or landscape, evet work or portraits. From there I want to build a website to show off my galleries and build myself up into selling prints and such, at the moment it’s a big hobby, but working on building it into more.

Best piece of advice for new photographers?

My main piece would be to go out and enjoy yourself, have fun in what you create and learn from what you do as well as others around you, don’t be discouraged with where you are compared to someone else. Also use YouTube and google to learn as much as you can or talk to other photographers on social media to both get inspiration from learn from or even collab on work.

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