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Behind The Lens: Jono G

Name: Jono G

Age: 32 and 1/3

Location: South East England

Insta: fixing.shadows (Work in progress haha)

Camera/s: Canon EOS RP

Main photography style/s: Travel / Landscape / Architecture When did you first get into photography and what was your first camera?

My first camera was a Nikon D5000, which I bought for my first trip to Canada in 2010. It was a great introduction to the world of interchangeable lens cameras and I took it everywhere with me (Sorry, Stephen and other friends!).

What's your dream camera and location to shoot?

Currently it would have to be the Canon R5 (I wouldn't turn down a 5D MkIV, though). As for location, I'd love to visit Antarctica to see the penguins!

What are you looking for when you go out to shoot?

I generally look for an interesting landmark that stands out - it does usually end up being a Church, although ruins and art installations are effective too. Favourite shot and why?

My favourite shot has to be this little island off the coast of Gothenburg, Sweden. I was on a Baltics cruise in 2018, and we weren't actually supposed to visit Gothenburg but the weather altered our itinerary. Shortly after sail away, I saw this island from the balcony and loved how the island and the lighthouse stood out from all the blue of the sky and sea.

Photography career goals?

I just want to keep travelling, improving, and enjoying what I'm doing. I'm not currently planning on making photography into a career, but who knows what the future may hold! Best piece of advice for new photographers?

Shoot everything, experiment, and don't be scared!

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